Dr.Black 'TYPE 901s' 4.3 Purple & Grey Pre-Build

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4.3 are just in a different league for CQB game play! 

They feel more nimble, allow for tighter cornering and cycle extremely fast. This 901s is a great starting platform for you to build your dream build. 

We have already fully upgraded the upper assembly making it HPA & Tracer ready, put incredible aftermarket parts in to make sure you have the consistency to dominate the field.

Build Spec List:

  • Dr.Black 'TYPE 901s' Slide
  • Tokyo Marui 5.1 Hi-Capa Base (Look better with the 901s)
  • Nexxspeed Airsoft TDC Hop Unit
  • 'Elite' Steel 98mm 6.02 Inner Barrel
  • Dr.Black AGA Aluminium Guide Rod 4.3
  • AIP 140% Recoil Spring
  • Dr.Black Guide Plug
  • Nexxspeed Short Stroke Set
  • Dr.Black 'Dinging' Outer Barrel
  • Dr.Black Fiber Front Sight
  • Dr.Black Fiber Rear Sight
  • BBM 150% Nozzle Spring
  • EDGE V2 Blowback housing
  • Maple Leaf 60º DECEPTICON Hop Rubber
  • Nexxspeed Type B Trigger
  • EDGE Magwell
  • Frame Attachment Rail
  • Tokyo Marui Magazine

12 Month Warranty on all built pistols - Items like Hop Rubbers, Nozzles, Nozzle springs are not included as these are consumable parts.