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The Saiga-12, modelled after the AK, is a civilian-issue semi-automatic shotgun. This gas blowback shotgun series starts with the Saiga-12, a variant type designed for use by police enforcement forces!

Built as a semi-automatic shotgun, the “Saiga 12” was modelled after the AK series that was popular during the Soviet era.
The shotgun’s ease of reloading and its ability to be fired in the same posture as an assault rifle have made it a popular choice in markets outside of Russia.

With the new specialised blowback engine, it is now possible to fire three BBs at once while also experiencing blowback. Furthermore, the accuracy of each component is enhanced by gauging the actual weapon.

・ Original custom model of Saiga-12K! full auto & semi-auto with 3 simultaneous firing shots!

・ The powerful new SBS exclusive hider is also made of aluminium.

・ Equipped with a new custom hand guard exclusive to SBS

・ Equipped with 20 mm rail on the upper left and right

・ Underrail that can be retrofitted is included at the bottom of the handguard

・ Railstay is made of pressed steel! The 20mm rail is made of resin and lightweight!

・ The area around the handguard can be reassembled, so you can choose your favorite style.

・Aluminium short outer barrel is 7.5 inches

・The deck cover is made of pressed steel like the real thing.

・Foldable Enhanced Stock Standard Equipment

・SBS dedicated buffer tube has a new lightweight design.

・A2 grip standard equipment

・Standard equipment of the new long magazine (90 rounds = 30 shots)