MAC Airsoft QCU Full Set

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A new era in the CQB/Speedsoft world....The Quick Carbon Upper (QCU) 

This isn't your ordinary Carbon Fibre upper though, these things have built in over and under hop functions to fling your bbs, over and under cover or around corners with the press of a button. 

They also have an integrated TDC hop set up with tunable feed tube and bucking lip adjustments, making sure you get the most dialled in set up possible.  

These come with a huge list of amazing features making this one of the most incredible CQB guns available


  • Quick Air Disconnect
  • Quick Electronic Disconnect
  • Automatic Alignment
  • Tunable distance between engine and bucking lips
  • Tunable feeding tube position and height
  • Adjustable Carbon frame position for better fitment to almost all body
  • CNC Lower gearbox included, this will allow you to extract trigger/fCU/Triggerboard with just one screw.
  • Barrel centering and vibration dumper
  • Internal tracer mount (included)
  • Proprietary hopup with TDC - Fast hopup button with end stroke for overhop
  • Fast hopup button with end stroke for underhop
  • Nozzle sleve to prevent midcap syndrome
  • BBs retention system
  • Light weight but extremely strong -Modded magic pin included
  • Engine can be extracted just removing front pin and 1 screw in few seconds    
  • Internal Tracer Compatible MAX diameter 28mm

What you get included with the set: 

  • Upper - including, Air Disconnect, Electronic disconnect, Tuneable feed tube, Hop unit, Tracer Mount, Magic Pin, Barrel Centerings and buffer
  • Lower - Including, Body pin, CNC selector, CNC mag catch, CNC end cap, CNC MAC Trigger guard
  • Grip - MAC MSG grip for Wolverine Cat 5

All you need add is your engine, Inner barrel, FCU (We recommend the Gorilla MFCU), Trigger, Wolverine Cat 5 Reg and away you go!


*Picture for illustrative purposes only, mag not included


Color: Blackout