Primary Airsoft Hi-Capa/M4 Gen 4 Adapter

Sale price£85.00

What more needs to be said? 

If you are thinking of taking the plunge and going to HPA then you NEED one of these! 

They are the best on the market of their sort. Incredibly sturdy and wont break when shot, CNC mag catch - again so it cant be shot out. 

You will only ever need to buy one!!!

These adapters are compatible with the below mags:

  • Tokyo Marui Mags
  • WE Mags (Exc. WE Tech 4.3 Short mags) 
  • AW mags
  • KJWorks/SSP1 mags
  • Guarder Light weight Aluminium Mags

Don't forget to you can change the colour of your mag catches here...

* Includes everything pictured, including the single short stroke