Retro Arms CNC AR-15/M4 Hop-Up Chamber

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The Hop-Up unit is CNC Machined from Alloy, allowing for high build quality, with extreme precision and accuracy. It features a Rotary Style Hop-Up, which is easily usable when wearing gloves during an Airsoft Skirmish. This hop-up unit is designed to specifically increase range and accuracy, via a more precise and solid construction. The hop-up is a must have for any Airsoft Skirmisher who is searing for the best Hop-Up unit for their weapon, or for those who are looking to upgrade or replace damaged or worn parts in their Airsoft M4 gun.


  • Compatible with most Airsoft M4 AEG - Great with HPA builds
  • Radial Hop-Up Unit
  • Easy to use whilst wearing Gloves
  • Incredibly precise and fine hop adjustment
  • No side hop arm wobble
  • Easy installation
  • Improved range and accuracy