Monk Customs CSG HPA Gearbox

Sale price£140.00

Monk Customs presents: CSG! The first HPA only gearbox out there. With the split gearbox design doing maintanence on your HPA engine is no longer a hassle, just remove your upper and you are able to service your HPA engine without removing the gearbox from the lower receiver and having to unscrew your grip.

Doing work on your trigger is also a breeze! By removing the lower plate you are able to work on your trigger without losing the allignment of your HPA engine.

Next to that the CSG also has the following innovative features:

  • Cable guide for tracer hop up units
  • Easy access
  • Leightweight high grade 7075 Aluminium
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with Polarstar F2, Jack and Wolverine
  • 3-way split design
  • Made in Europe